House of Knowledge and Light

Jyotirgyan Bhavan Paropakari Samaj

At JBPS, we believe in a world where no child should be deprived of education

Empowering the Community

Our Pillars

Positive change happens when individuals join hands to make a difference.

Residential School

JBPS provides marginalized and underprivileged children with a residential school. Our motive at JBPS is to provide the proper education to every child in need. Our residential school takes care of everything from providing shelter to those in need to providing food, uniforms, books, a computer lab, and all other equipment needed for learning purposes.

Yoga Center

At JBPS Yoga Center, we provide students and community members free daily yoga sessions in collaboration with East Meets West Yoga. The goal is to bring our students calmness and patience in learning and decision-making. Our well-trained and internationally renowned yoga teachers bring different forms and verses of yogic science to our children and community members.

Vocational Training Center

At JBPS vocational training center, we deliver impactful training sessions including agriculture, handicrafts, the effective utilization of local resources for commercial purposes, digital literacy, and financial literacy. Additionally, we conduct empowerment sessions for women and deprived community members, aiming to enlighten them about their rights and capabilities.

Health Center

JBPS health center is to provide primary health facilities to our children and community members in need.

Agricultural Unit

JBPS Agricultural unit is an example of JBPS's holistic approach. This unit nurtures students outside the classrooms to provide practical knowledge and skills in agriculture. This unit focuses on the ecosystem by cultivating in-house vegetables for JBPS students, skill development, food security, and sustainable farming practices.

Scholarship programs

Drawing on our founders’ stories, JBPS believes that no one should be deprived of education for being unable to finance their higher education. We at JBPS not only provide education to children but also believe in supporting their higher education. Our scholarship programs are for those in need of higher education.
Jyotirgyan Bhavan Paropakari Samaj

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